SWEDISH MASSAGE                                         $60hr

MEMBER PRICE                                                   $40

Is a pure relaxation massage using petrissage, effleurage, kneading and friction to aid in stress and tension reduction. Helps improve circulation and blood flow, tones  muscles and removes toxins from the muscles. 

What we offer you

THE INTEGRATED SOLUTION                     $70hr

MEMBER PRICE                                                     $40

Our most popular massage integrates a variety of modalities to achieve a relaxing yet very therapeutic massage. Starting with a firm Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger point, Myofascial Release techniques are used only to the extent needed to achieve release of a particular muscle or muscle group not throughout the entire session. You'll feel you're floating on a cloud after experiencing The Integrated Solution.

Each Hour session consist of 55 minutes hands on and 5 minutes of dress time. If you are a first time client there will also be time to fill out mandatory consultation forms.

DEEP TISSUE                                                                  $80 

MEMBER PRICE                                                           $55

Massage that goes beyond the surface of the skin and underlying soft tissue to deep areas of the muscle, right to the belly of the muscle.  This type of massage also involves the manipulation of the fascia.  Fascia is like a web, that runs through the entire body . This connective tissue when traumatized, inflamed, or restricted can create a great deal of pain and restriction in the body's motion.  Try it with a Hot Stone upgrade for enhanced therapy.

HOT STONE MASSAGE                               $135 1.5 hr

MEMBER PRICE                                               $50HR 

This is a thoroughly relaxing massage, using stones heated to 137 degrees like extensions of the therapist hands and are placed on the clients body in specific areas to to loosen tight and sore muscles of the back. This is a true treat yourself massage.  It can also be integrated with deep tissue massage for enhanced body work.              


​MEMBER PRICE                                                           $40

Is designed to treat and reduce myofascial pain.  Trigger Point compression is used to reduce swelling, tension, stiffness and pain while increasing range of motion, flexibility, circulation and endurance. It can be done in conjunction with Myofascial Release, where the trigger point is compressed and the surrounding fascia is then stretched to aid in the release of the muscular adhesion.

SPORT MASSAGE                                                $75hr

MEMBER PRICE                                                   $40

Can be used before during and after events. A combination of techniques along with stretching to help improve flexibility and range of motion in muscles and joints, which will aid in reducing the chance of injury from strenuous activity. Sport Massage can make the training and  body building experience more effective.