INTEGRATED BASIC-  Allows Members to enjoy all massages at $40 an hour, except Deep tissue and Hot Stone massage, which are available for an additional cost. Add-ons can be purchased at member rates

INTEGRATED INCLUSIVE- Has all the benefits of the Basic membership with 1 add-on to the massage including Hot Stone. Deep tissue is available at an additional cost. Multiple add-ons can be purchased at member rates.

INTEGRATED DEEP TISSUE- This membership is for the client that knows without a doubt detailed deep body work is what they need. Add-ons are available at member rates and the client is encouraged to add on Hot Stones to enhance the therapeutic effects of the massage.

INTEGRATED FAMILY- Allows 2 or more persons to use the membership and has all the benefits of the basic membership. However the owner of this membership is charged $70 a month instead of $40. Which gives them a discount for the additional member a month. There are 2 prepaid massages available and all other massage for that month are $40 excluding Hot Stone and Deep Tissue  which are at the regular member rates.      

Member will be charged on a monthly basis to credit card used at time of purchase, on same monthly date of purchase. There is no long term contract, member has the option to cancel at any time with a 30 day written notice. 30 days after written notice  is received by INTEGRATED BODY SOLUTIONS said membership will be void and no further charges will be billed or accrued. Furthermore all membership benefits will be terminated.  However the former Member will have a total of 60 days after written notice is received by INTEGRATED BODY SOLUTIONS to use any prepaid services. Again member must cancel membership with written notice. email is accepted.